So, lately, I’ve had a lot of things to say on the subject of various games. Rather than spreading it across various forums (fora?), I figured I should concentrate it all in one compact, easily-ignored place! For some odd reason, I’ve been writing some reviews about games I’ve been playing lately, so I’ll probably be starting with stuff like that.

Introductions; I’m a person who plays games, and has been playing games for the last several years (started with Doom back when I was 3 years old a long, long, long time ago). For the last decade or so, I’ve been into modding several games, such as Starcraft and Doom (Through the ZDoom source port), and have learned quite a bit with regards to modding and good design in general. I haven’t released many finished projects, but a lot of my contributions to ZDoom have been in creating resources for other modders to use (new monsters, new weapons, etc.), and in writing a few guides and essays on the subject of good design. I also help administrate a site which acts as a centralized database for many custom resources and tutorials, and I have a Youtube channel with which I do playthroughs of games.

I don’t consider myself a “gamer” in the new, modern sense. Today’s gamer can’t wait for the next greatest thing, be it the new Call of Duty, Battlefield 3 or Skyrim, whereas I usually spend a lot of my time playing games that have been around for several years. For quite a long time, I’ve been quite behind the curve on new games due to a lack of necessary hardware and the money required for the necessary hardware, and as such I don’t usually care about graphical fidelity all that much. I am perfectly happy playing Red Faction, BattleZone or similar titles that many people today would say look like crap, as long as they’re fun to play. To be honest, I can’t stand many of the design decisions in a lot of newer titles.

So, if any people are paying attention, keep a look out for reviews, showcases of mods, design essays or things like that.


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